Virtual reality prefabs

Granby Games Logic Blox asset prefabs can be used to create, debug and design simple to complex virtual electronic devices, circuits and or game play controls. Logic prop prefabs are placed in virtual environments and connected together to run other logic circuits, sounds, animations and game objects.

Logic Blox is fully developed in Unity 3D and can be used in all Unity editors.  Examples of devices made with Logic Blox can be found through this site.

Supported features:

- Simulate mechanical switch/device movements
- Respond to virtual physics feedback

- Audio synthesis using FMOD virtual audio processor
- MIDI virtual instrument interface
- Attachable script objects
- Common communication protocol

1. Develop Unity inspector based environmental control framework that allows easy incorporation of multiple asset types.

2. Built in autonomous behavioral functions that cooperate with environment and react to Unity's AI. 

3. Design control mechanisms based on shared code allowing for massive deployment of large sets of switches, lamps, devices, controls, animations and audio points.

4. Create prototypes and simulations that can be transferred to real world manufacturing processes.

Granby Games provides access to core assets and ready made devices at Unity's asset store.

Obtain official components and props from Unity Asset Store:

logicbloxprim Logic Blox primitive Gates

logicbloxvint Logic Blox Vintage switches, tubes and components

logicbloxsynth Logic Blox Synthesizer builders kit